[ Saturday, September 22, 2007 ]


Off Topic, but Healthcare Related: I love John Stossel. The erstwhile ABC reporter is such a no-nonsense guy, and nobody's better at speaking up when the emperor has no clothes. I'm a believer that health insurance ought to be like car insurance -- it doesn't cover oil changes or new tires, and you've got to pay a big chunk before the insurance kicks in. The coverage comes when something big/catastrophic happens. If health insurance were like that, premiums would sure be a lot cheaper.

A return of the health insurance market to an "assurance" market (covering catastrophic or high-dollar events, but not daily wear and tear), plus a return of "mutual" insurance companies (where the company tries to match premiums and payouts, and actually manage risk, rather than trying to make money for stockholders), and our "uninsured" crisis would be over.

Jeff [12:47 AM]

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