[ Monday, September 17, 2007 ]


Bleg: A client asked me the other day if I knew of any consultants who were not tied to a particular EMR company but could look at a medical practice's current EMR and determine whether they would be better off with a different one or should keep the one they've got. Basically, they're looking to determine if the EMR they are using is the best for their practice, considering the number of doctors, patient mix, range of procedures, way the practice works, existing/legacy information systems, etc.

Their current EMR supplier says they've got the best match product. There's another EMR provider that's willing to send a consultant to look at their practice and advise whether they should stay or switch (but the client thinks that's probably a foregone conclusion).

So, do you know of a consultant they could hire to see if they're doing the right thing? If so, email me. My email is on the left.

Jeff [4:08 PM]

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