[ Monday, August 20, 2007 ]


A Report from the Field: A reader emailed me with a report on the status of a complaint she filed with OCR.:

This is probably not something new, but if it is, would interest many.

I filed a complaint with the OCR in March 2007. Now, five months later, and several conversation with my case worker, later, she informs me that she is required by law to attend to the cases in the order in which they are assigned to her. That's fair. I don't have a problem with that. Here's the deal, though. She said that she should be able to get to my complaint in about another YEAR! It will take her a total of a year and a half to get to it!

My case has made it past the review and intake procedures and the investigator was assigned to it in April 2007. She indicates that my claim is very legitimate (I had a one inch binder of proof
of approximately 7 violations) but she can't do anything until she "gets to it" in the proper order. So, in the meantime, the person who is viewing my records is still very free to do so. the hospital stated they would wait until the OCR acts, so that route is unavailable to me to.



Jeff [10:08 AM]

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