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Trouble afoot: You may have heard of the big multi-employer EHR project known as the Dossia Consortium. Big employers like Wal-Mart, BP, Intel, Pitney-Bowes and others joined together to establish a common electronic health record platform that could be used by their employees, dependents, and retirees. Well, apparently there's some trouble in the project. Although on further review it doesn't necessarily look bad, but I do wonder what the vendor might be able to say that would cast Dossia in such a bad light that they want to enjoin any disclosure. I'd bet it's security or data-breach related.

Jeff [10:32 AM]

Well I'm kinda leaving a story/question of my own i truely hope you can help I stumbled across this blog a few minutes ago. anyway here it goes. Monday July 09th I was fired from my job. I work for a OBGYN practice in Richmond, VA. I was called into my boss's office monday around noon and was told my employement was terminated effective immediately.

To explain the situation i have to go back about 3 weeks. Working in this office I have access to medical records as I work in the local hospital. My father who was injured on his job needed his medical records so he could forward them to his lawyer. I had him sign and complete the neccessary medical release form and faxed it to the medical record department at the hospital. There is a spot on the form that states what practice are these records being released to. I left this blank as they weren't being release to any specific medical office. Later that morning i received a call from medical records and she stated it was fine to fax them she just needed to know the practice name and the physicians name to put it on the cover sheet since it wasn't a personal fax, so i gave her the information.

So back to monday....i was fired for what my boss said was a serious HIPPA violation. Because i had records release to the fax machine at work when the practice i worked for did not request them to be sent. I feel like it was unfair because i got permission and a signature from my father, and i didn't use the office's release form instead i used the one issued by the hospital because i wasn't having them release to my place of employment. I just need to know did i violate a HIPPA law? or has my boss lost her mind?? Can you answer this??
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