[ Monday, June 18, 2007 ]


Smart-Card EHRs: It seems that tere are at least two competing technology platforms for EHRs: the server-based type and the portable type. The insurance company supported EHRs discussed in the previous post will reside on a server that beneficiaries can access via passwords (and presumably let their physicians access). Here's an article on the "smart card" type of EHRS. Each has obvious benefits: the smart card is more secure (Do you trust your insurance company not to dig into your EHR looking for reasons to drop you? How secure do you think their password protection is?), but if you leave it in your other pants or in the glove box of your car and you're in an accident and unable to tell the caregivers where it is, it's not much good. Both may be viable technologies, since that will give the public the opportunity to choose their own "security vs. information exchange" tradeoff.

Jeff [11:06 AM]

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