[ Friday, May 04, 2007 ]


A More Vigorous Enforcement Environment? I don't think I posted about this because it didn't really seem like big news to me, but recently HHS delegated to OCR the right to issue subpoenas in investigating HIPAA privacy breaches. Since OCR is tasked with enforceing the Privacy Rule, it just makes sense they'd have subpoena power, and the delegation from HHS seemed pretty pro-forma. But I've recently gotten some emails from others indicating that the delegation of subpoena power, along with this news of the OIG launching its first random audit of a hospital (Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta) to check up on their HIPAA security, portends a more vigorous enforcement environment by OCR and OIG (OIG is tasked with enforceing the Security Rule).

If you're not up to speed on the security front, you need to be. Don't wait any more.

Jeff [3:45 PM]

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