[ Tuesday, April 10, 2007 ]


Florida pushes for statewide EMR system: The Florida legislature is trying to push for the establishment of a state-wide health information network, so that a doctor in Miami can access a patient's records from Pensacola. Of course, there's the usual battle between the advantage of full access to information versus the lack of privacy that denotes.

Jeff [11:19 AM]

I think that there are two views points to be considered when strongly advocating the use of EMR in practices. For a Doctor it needs to easy to use and save time so that more time can be spend on the patient. Currently we have many vendors with different types of EMR that are so hard to use that it simply puts them off. I think healthcare technology companies need to develop product after regular interaction with doctors to ensure that they provide just what is required. At binaryspectrum we have developed our healthcare solutions after spending countless number of hours with doctors to ensure that its work flow is kept simple and intuitive. This is then followed up with a period of Beta testing in real time environment before it is offered as a product in the market.
Jeff here; I'd note that Binary Spectrum has a good point with the first half of his comment, but the second half is advertising, and I was sorely tempted to reject it. Especially since these guys (http://www.medical-software.org/) actually pay me for their "ad". Binary, you are on notice -- no more free advertising for you.
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