[ Wednesday, March 28, 2007 ]


Archives: OK, I don't know when it happened, but I notices a while ago that there was not longer any listing under the "Archives" tab over on the left side of the page. I had made a couple of changes to the template to add links (like to my new advertiser Medical Software Associates -- go now and check them out!), and figured I had somehow broken the archives link. When I finally got around to trying to fix it (I should've done it sooner, I know, but I was busy), I discovered that because my blog is so old (over 5 years of keeping you hip on HIPAA), Blogger (in its current Google-owned incarnation) no longer supported my blog template. I had 2 options -- switch to an entirely new template and lose all my customizations, or use a goofy-looking Archives button.

If I was adverse to goofy-looking, I'd never leave the house. But I am lazy, and don't want to recreate my customizations. Sooooo, there's a goofy looking archive switch on the left side now. BUT, everything is there.

Jeff [10:52 AM]

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