[ Thursday, February 01, 2007 ]


Florida HIPAA Case: You know that Gibson was the first HIPAA criminal case, but that was a plea bargain case. Now, we've had a case go to trial in Florida, with the US Attorney alleging criminal violations of HIPAA by former employees of a Cleveland Clinic hospital in Florida, and the jury did return a guilty verdict against Fernando Ferrer Jr. for "wrongful disclosure of individually identifiable health information," which is a violation of HIPAA. Of course, it was pretty much an identity theft case, but it's interesting to see the conviction, since Ferrer wasn't a "covered entity" himself.

Once I get a cite to any official court papers I'll post them. Sorry for the delay in reporting this (I originally found out last week): I've been busy, and Blogger has been goofy.

Jeff [3:10 PM]

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