[ Wednesday, January 17, 2007 ]


Data breaches: Here's a new one, from the parent company of the discount retailer TJ Maxx. Also, apparently a vendor of Citibank's Visa service has been hacked in some way; we got a call earlier this week from Citibank's fraud watch group asking us if we've had any unusual activity and asking us to terminate our existing cards and get new ones, since this "vendor" had some data breach and our current account information is at risk. The first caller said we had to do it, had no choice, and would have to cancel our current cards before they would send new cards (in other words, we'd be without a Visa for a week or so). We balked, since we had some spendin' to do, and called back later to cancel and re-issue; the second Citi representative said we didn't have to cancel the card after all, but could if we wanted to.

I haven't seen any news on the Citibank issue (been a little too busy to look, actually), but will update if/when I hear anything. In the meantime, let's be careful out there.

Jeff [5:15 PM]

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