[ Friday, December 01, 2006 ]


Shred your stuff. I mentioned how the OCR is currently seeing a big "dumpster" problem with covered entities. People just throw stuff out, and it's there in the dumpster for anyone who wants to "dive" to get. Here's a story about a news crew doing just that.

You definitely don't want to be the recipient of this type of attention, nor do you want to have your patient's information compromised like this. You use PHI every day, and your staff is used to handling it, so they might not be thinking about how important it is to keep it private. That type of complacency leads to these types of problems.

But you've got to fix it, and there's an easy way to do so: shred. Shred everything that might possibly have a name or any medical information on it. If there's any doubt, shred it.

Jeff [9:39 AM]

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