[ Monday, October 16, 2006 ]


I got busy and forgot my manners . . .

. . . to paraphrase Jimmy Breslin. Every Sunday I get an email from HealthAffairs with the latest snippets of their well-researched healthcare policy pieces. Most you gotta pay for, but it's pretty good stuff. Last Sunday their email noted that they have a new blog, and I saved the email to post a notice here linking to it, but never got around to it. They noted it again in yesterday's email, so I'm finally linking it here. Fortunately for me, there have only been 3 posts in the interim, so I don't think my delinquency has hurt you any. That's what you get for what you pay for here, though.

I know, bad English, I'm too beat to fix it, though.

Jeff [9:34 AM]

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