[ Wednesday, September 13, 2006 ]


Laptop Security: Here's an interesting article from Computerworld on both the prevalence of laptop theft/loss and related information security issues, and what people and companies are doing to protect that information. I continue to be of the opinion that most losses of laptops don't result in losses of security in the information they contain, because most are stolen by crackheads who just want to sell them as hardware. Nonetheless, you can't take the chance if you're carrying a laptop (or blackberry or other PDA for that matter) that a thief won't try to access the information.

Jeff [12:28 PM]

I made the comment on lawtop security and violating the HIPA laws if we keep files from work in our laptops, but what else are we supposed to do. We can't let leave the place of business to go to another appointment with the laptop because it has client files in it? How do we get around this stupid law?!!!Help anyone!!!
Myh concern Jeff, is not the crack-head, as you so articulately pointed out, but my worry would be the person that "crackhead" is giving my laptop to for money. What is that person going to do with it?
My problem is, if anyone can figure a solution... My boss has told me the HIPA law prevents me from putting client files on my computer because we can not remove files from my place of business. which is ludicrous since I work all over the area. Anyone know any way around this? Are we alloud to put client files into our computers that are passwork protected and take them from the base work office to go to another office in the area>
If you get what I'm saying and would like to response that would be great!!! Thank you
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