[ Thursday, September 14, 2006 ]


Healthia news: I got a press release the other day from Ihor Andruch at Healthia which I gotta admit I didn't really understand. He emailed again and asked if I'd note the PR on the blog. I told him I'd only do it if he explained it to me, which he did:

Healthia (http://www.healthia.com/) provides comparison-shopping to give consumers more control over their healthcare choices and spending. Lets say (hypothetically) you need hernia surgery and you live in NYC (with dozens of hospitals to choose from) – you can do a search on where you can get it for the lowest cost. It also measures the quality of the doc performing it.

It also helps you choose which insurance plan is right for you (if you are in the market to purchase)…this thing that is revolutionary about this is that anyone can go on the site and search for this info – it doesn’t cost anything –

Scott Osler (who came from Norvax) is now Healthia's new Vice President of Business Development – he will look for new business essentially (employers, etc.) and they also hired Kurt Stammberger as Vice President of Content and Services (Again, with tons of experience).

The way I read it, the press release shows Healthia's bona fides: they're picking up management talent. So I told Ihor I'd mention his press release, but he had to do me one more thing: he had to bring me . . . a shrubbery.

And he did:

UPDATE: Just when I post for them, Healthia changes its name to VIMO. Uh, it implies vim and vigor. Or something. And, they also acquired Cordova Advisors, LLC, and launched a personalized health insurance shopping portal called myVIMO.

Just thought you might want to know.

Jeff [4:03 PM]

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