[ Tuesday, September 12, 2006 ]


Email: I'm a blackberry addict (I've been known to send emails while being scrubbed for surgery), so I love using email for communication. Most physicians love tech gadgets, but they're slow to move to email with their patients. The concerns are natural -- there's a real risk to privacy with the use of email to communicate, a real physical visit is better than a virtual one for determining health, and sometimes the give-and-take of a phone call will reveal facts that a chain of emails might not. But patients like it too; 4 out of 5 patients would like to be able to email with their doctors, so doctors are starting to accomodate them, according to this article.

Of course, figuring out how to charge for an email might be problematic for a doctor. I guess it would work just like a phone call.

Jeff [8:42 AM]

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