[ Wednesday, July 12, 2006 ]


Slightly off-topic (but not as much as a fish picture): I've seen a lot of clients recently getting pesky inquiries from the Texas Medical Board (formerly the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners), the physician licensing and disciplinary board in my home state. While this has always happened, and in most cases the complaint is easily explained, there's just a lot more of it these days, which does help keep my colleague Jennifer Rogers busy. But it has seemed like there has been increased scrutiny.

Well, turns out there has been increased scrutiny, as indicated in this story. That's OK, actually, and the TMB did need to step up at least its visibility in the wake of tort reform. But one of the other apparent grumblings is that the TMB's new zealousness on the investigative side is hindering the ability of the TMB to simply license new physicians. I'm hearing that it's taking 4 months to get a temporary license issued to physicians coming out of residency this summer -- that's a long time for a physician to sit without earning a living, and a long time to keep a fresh med school/residency/fellowship trained doctor away from the patient population he could serve.

Jeff [10:07 AM]

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