[ Thursday, July 13, 2006 ]


Personal Health Records: Reading through Modern Healthcare (the paper, or "on dead tree" variety), I came across this article, which I obviously found on line. Interesting discussion of the development and proliferation of personal medical records. Obviously, as the article points out, there are structural, formatting, and content disparities between the developing systems, and privacy and security will always be a concern (as with any on-line recordkeping system), but these could be an industry driver type of technology. It's available for self-selecting populations, people with conspiracy-theory or "black helicopter" fantasies or concerns won't have to use them, so the benefits go to those who are willing to live with the risks and those who draw the line at the far end of the playing field will just end up stuck in their own end zone.

Jeez, can I mix a metaphor, or what?

Jeff [5:02 PM]

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