[ Thursday, July 27, 2006 ]


Breaking news: the US House passed a somewhat controversial health IT bill. I'll link to a story once I find one.

UPDATE: Here's what my congressman (Pete Sessions, R, Tex-32) says about the House Bill:

Health Information Technology Promotion Act. Currently, America’s health care system lags behind other sectors in adopting information systems. Each year,
Americans spend nearly $5.4 billion on duplicate, unnecessary tests due to a
lack of medical history and records. The Health Information Technology Promotion
Act (H.R. 4157) will help remedy this problem by providing for an interoperable
health information technology that allows patients and physicians to access medical history and records stored electronically in a secure, comprehensive database. H.R. 4157 also includes the following provisions:

A 2005 study by the RAND Corporation states that improvements in health
IT could save the nation as much as $162 billion in annual medical costs.
Implementing interoperable health information technology will help prevent
medical and prescription errors, reduce costly duplicate tests, eliminate
medical record losses, and significantly improve medical care and the
treatment of chronic illnesses.

UPDATE II: Here's a better explanation, from a couple of knowledgeable JW attorneys.

Jeff [4:22 PM]

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