[ Monday, June 05, 2006 ]


Non-Healthcare Identity Theft: Two new stories over the weekend of loss of personal information that could lead to identity theft. One involves Royal Ahold, the Dutch company that runs the US grocery stores Giant, Stop & Shop, and Tops, which reported that a laptop containing social security numbers and other information on employees was lost when an employee of a data vendor to the company, EDS, disappeared on a commercial flight (the EDS employee was asked to check the bag with the computer because the overhead bins were full; I'm guessing the employee was carrying a purse or something that went under the seat in front of her).

The second involves Hotels.com, and also involves a vendor, this time Ernst & Young. An E&Y employee's laptop was stolen; the laptop had information on about a quarter million Hotels.com customers. The information included credit card information of the customers. The laptop was password-protected, but apparently the information was no encrypted.

Jeff [4:04 PM]

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