[ Monday, May 08, 2006 ]


Personal Protesting: Is it just me, or does anyone think this is a really good idea?

Several hundred activists from throughout the country demonstrated at the
doorstep of Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt yesterday to
protest the administration's prescription drug plan for senior citizens.
Betty Gazaway, 72, of Cincinnati, who knocked on Leavitt's door, said a woman
who identified herself as his wife politely told Gazaway that Leavitt was on a
plane and could not be reached by phone. "She was real nervous, but she
was real nice," Gazaway said of the woman.

The community action stunters were demanding that Leavitt extend the deadline for seniors to apply for Medicare Part D from May 15 to December 31. Actually, they're just pulling off a publicity stunt, and an awfully stupid and dangerous one.

Jeff [10:20 AM]

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