[ Wednesday, May 31, 2006 ]


National Provider IDs: As I noted earlier, CMS has given all Medicare providers until May of 2007 to get apply for their new National Provider Indentification Number (NPI), which is part of the HIPAA AdminSimp provisions intended to streamline the electronic exchange of information in the healthcare industry. It's kind of like the bank commercial where they staple the bar code to the bank customers' foreheads: CMS wants all providers to have a single number that they use to identify themselves for all healthcare transactions.

However, you don't actually have until May 2007 if you're enrolling as a Medicare provider or changing your enrollment information: the new NPI is required information on any new enrollment application or change of enrollment information filed with CMS starting this month (May 2006). So, if you haven't gotten your NPI, you might as well git 'er done.

Jeff [4:48 PM]

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