[ Wednesday, May 17, 2006 ]


Insurers get into the act: A handful of large health insurers, lead by the industry group America's Health Insurance Plans and some big players like some of the BC/BS groups, are combining to set up insured-specific electronic medical records, so individual patients can have access to their own electronic medical file and can grant access to the file to new physicians. Individuals who switch jobs will be able to keep their on-line health record, even if they switch insurers, if both the former and new insurers are participants.

This is a twist on the RHIO concept, where various providers in a region share patient records in a unified database. Instead of being provider-centric, this is payor-centric, and is really in the hands of the patients. It will be interesting to see how this rolls our. This concept, and the Dell concept discussed below, sure look like good solutions to potential Katrina-style medical record casualty issues.

Jeff [10:02 PM]

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