[ Monday, May 08, 2006 ]


Update: Federal Data Breach Notification Law unlikely to pass this year. As discussed earlier in this blog, many states have recently passed legislation requiring companies doing business in those states to actively notify individuals, customers, and clients if they become aware of a data security breach that puts the personal information of those people at risk of disclosure or misuse. As you might expect, and as I pointed out, several of our esteemed Members of Congress jumped into high-demogogue mode and proposed federal legislation to do the same thing. Actually, I'm not at all opposed to federal legislation to displace the various state laws, so that everyone operates under the same rules, but would hate to see federal legislation merely layered on top of all the state law mandates.

Well, according to MacWorld, federal legislation is unlikely this year. Sometimes, having a totally disfunctional legislative branch pays unintended benefits. Of course, if there was some lobbyist who could get an "earmark" out of this, I'm sure the legislation would pass.

Jeff [10:56 AM]

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