[ Wednesday, February 01, 2006 ]


Off topic: Of course, with the winter Olympics fast approaching, I'll do my best to keep some curling information on the blog. For a teaser, check this out.

Now, you never know how much curling you'll see on TV, but there was a fair amount of it on TV in 2002, especially during the late-night coverage. And I have to say, curling has two attributes that particularly favor late-night watching: for most people, it's sleep-inducing; and it is basically a drinking game, when you get down to it. They're already predicting that American Idol will beat the Olympics in viewership, but I can think of five good reasons why we might see some curling (I can't decide whether Virginia Alverson looks more like Cassie or Jessica). Actually, a sixth reason is that the American women might win a medal.

Jeff [12:40 PM]

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