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Standard Provider Identifier: You will recall that one part of HIPAA, revolving around the concept that standardizing forms, format, and content of information will allow for more streamlining and standardization of electronic data interchange in Healthcare, is that HHS must establish methods for implementing single standard identifiers for each and every provider, plan, and individual participating in the healthcare system. The standard National Provider Identifer is an interesting taxonomically-derived (as opposed to taxidermically-derived) number that helps determine the type of provider and other information, but it's just getting started in utilization (everyone has used tax ID numbers in the past, but those don't give you any other information).

Providers will be required to start using NPIs by May 23, 2007, about 16 months from now (small plans get an extra year for this, as with most things). Helpfully, HHS has set up a new web page to help you get your number and deal with the difficulties of transitioning to the new number nomenclature. You can access the website here.

WEDI (the workinggroup for electronic data interchange) also has a web site chock full of fun NPI information.

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