[ Tuesday, December 06, 2005 ]


Network Security: Here's a good, basic article from HealthLeaders on network security. It's like dressing for cold weather: think in terms of layers of security. I would also point out that it's a good exercise to look at what's of potential value to a hacker or other miscreant, and make sure you use your best efforts to protect what's a likely target before protecting information or systems that, while holding potentially sensitive or private information, aren't going to be attractive targets. It's like locking up your garbage: certainly, someone could find out a lot of sensitive information about you by digging through a year's worth of your household garbage, but the effort isn't going to be much worth the reward if someone could hack your home computer and get the same information. That's why you protect your computer and put your garbage right out there on the curb for anyone to take.

Jeff [11:40 AM]

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