[ Tuesday, October 11, 2005 ]


Grand Rounds is up, hosted this week by Doulicia, a non-practicing (guess she finally got it right) lawyer. What's a lawyer doing hosting Grand Rounds? A pretty good job, that's what. Actually, I found it pretty interesting, given the law-health world I live in.

On a related law-health matter, there's an article in the Austin American-Statesman that I just saw on the HealthLeaders indicating that medical malpractice insurance premium rates have gone down after passage of the state's tort reform efforts (basically limiting non-economic damages -- pain and suffering, as opposed to lost earning capacity and cost of care -- to $250,000). I'll link the article as soon as I can get to a computer that'll let me.

UPDATE: here's the link; it's the Austin Business Journal, not the A-S.

Jeff [10:07 AM]

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