[ Wednesday, August 17, 2005 ]


Totally OT, but a nice Ford commercial. Glen Reynolds noted the other day the morphing of advertising as we now know it, noting particularly that the director of marketing for Chrysler has $2 billion to spend and is looking to the web for spending opportunities. What I found more interesting (and somewhat hopeful - my father was an engineer for Chrysler for a short while and always thought they were the best engineered -- although perhaps worst made, for a while -- cars) is that the Chrysler director of marketing is a 34 year old woman.

But when you think of it, advertising has changed. Product placement in movies and TV shows; ads on outfield walls in baseball; web ads; links between musicians and sponsors (I'm thinking VW and Crystal Method, but think also Ameriquest and the Rolling Stones). And this Ford mini-movie; at about 5 minutes long, you won't see it on TV, that's for sure. I don't think Americans are as susceptible to the hard sell by advertisers, but I do think more subtle, subliminal advertising works.

Jeff [11:41 AM]

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