[ Friday, July 15, 2005 ]


Some interesting nuggets: A group of employee benefits lawyers from the American Bar Association recently met with HHS to discuss the many problems facing employers and their self-insured health plans due the the convolution of the HIPAA regs (anyone who has much to do with HIPAA realizes that HHS didn't really understand the employee benefits field when it drafted the HIPAA regs). Well, as lawyers are want (er, I mean "wont") to do, the ABA group has issued a report on its meetings. What's most interesting is the side-talk, of things like the number of complaints (13,000) and number of investigators (200) working at HHS on HIPAA. Sort of a peek behind Oz's curtain. (Hat tip: John Barlament)

Jeff [2:56 PM]

Actually, grammatically speaking, it is "wont to do" not "want to do." Enjoy the blog. Thanks.
'Taint grammer but spelling. But since I get to do these things, I'll repair it.
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