[ Thursday, July 14, 2005 ]


More Healthcare-Related Identity Theft: this time it's Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. Story here.

What strikes me as making this story even worse is that the theft was from the behavioral health services branch of BCBSA.

UPDATE: Or how about this: Minnesota has a state program where doctors and other health professionals who suffer from substance abuse, psychiatric, or other medical disorders can self-report and complete a recovery program with the Health Professionals Service Program and avoid a licensure action. The HPSP computers got hacked, and HPSP did the right thing by trying to notify participants of the possible exposure. The problem, ironically, is that HPSP mismatched names and addresses, so each program participant got a letter with the name of another health professional in the program. (Hat tip: Richard Rosenboom, of HIPAAnswers.com)

Jeff [9:06 AM]

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