[ Wednesday, June 01, 2005 ]


Shameless Self-Promotion: As you know, this weblog (or blog) is a legal blog (sometimes called a blawg - get it?) about a pretty thin practice area: HIPAA. That's why it has that clever name: HIPAA Blog. I point this out in part because I spent last weekend with Karl Rivas, a/k/a "Captain Obvious." But I also point it out because this blog is in the running for an "@" Award from the Technolawyer Blawg Network. And you can vote for me. You have to sign up with Technolawyer, which is easy and painless. Once you're signed up, you just mail in your choices for up to 24 different categories. Now, reading through the list, I can't even vote on some of the categories since I don't even know what they mean. But category 5 is for favorite practice area blawg. That's where you could vote for this blog.

You can join Technolawyer here. It's very low impact; they don't bother you much and I've not gotten any spam from them.

You can get a ballot here. Just follow the easy instructions: open a new email from the email address you just signed up with, put down the number and categories where you want to vote, and send it to tlballot@peerviews.com. Just remember to put down "5. HIPAA Blog" as one line in that email.

You can vote between now and midnight next Friday, June 10. And thanks for voting!

Jeff [1:47 PM]

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