[ Friday, June 17, 2005 ]


Luke, I am not your lawyer.

You would think it goes without saying, but if your only contact with me is through this blog, I ain't your lawyer, attorney, counselor, mouthpiece, etc. In fact, this isn't even legal advice. Unless you sign an engagement letter with me, I don't represent you. And before I can even do that, I have to run a conflict check and do a lot of other things, including in most cases getting a cash retainer from you. Unless we've done that dance, I'm not working for you. This is just "free ice cream."

Is that plain enough?

I bring this up because of this. People out there act unreasonably at times, and try to game the system by forcing or implying a relationship that isn't there. But just to make clear: I do not represent you. I'm not your lawyer.


Jeff [10:27 AM]

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