[ Monday, June 06, 2005 ]


The GAO and HHS' National HIT Strategy: The GAO has reviewed HHS' efforts to implement a national health information technology strategy, and the results are mixed. The full report is here, and while it's long in pages it's short in constructive information (unless, I guess, you're on HHS' HIT team or GAO's review team). One big complaint: HHS hasn't established milestones to indicate progress. I'm not too sure that's as easily done as GAO indicates; with a lot of technology solutions, you don't know you've reached the solution until you're there and it's working for a while. Absolute capabilities aren't always known, unknown problems may occur, and even when things seem to be working properly for a while, there may be underlying and hidden failure going on that doesn't come to the surface for a while. Anyway, read it if you've got the time and interest.

[UPDATE]: Here's the press release for HHS' new 4-part HIT initiative, starting with the American Health Information Community.

Jeff [10:13 AM]

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