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I occasionally get comments to blog postings. For a while, the bottom of the post would indicate if there were comments, but now it doesn't. I don't know why it changed; it's a blogger issue I don't have the time to really perfect (I'm really much better as a content provider than a techie). However, I am pointing this out now because I got a very long, very detailed response from the "Diva of Disgruntled" responding to my post a few days ago on Kaiser. If you click on the permalink at the bottom of the post (it's the time-stamp thingie; for that post of Monday, it says "[5:13 pm]"), you get the comments too.

Anyway, go here to check out her comments. I'll respond as soon as I can.

Jeff [9:34 AM]

Thank you for reading my very long post. :-)
You get all the good comments!
I came to blogging as a political blogger--- very used to getting comments on every post. One thing I have noticed about my HIPAA blog is although there are folks reading it, few comment. Maybe I'll change my background to black :)
It seems like there is plenty of bad to spread around here, and the lesson for covered entities is one that IT security guys like me preach continually, often as a cry in the wilderness: Your number one risk is already inside your defences. A disgrunted employee, current or ex- can destroy all of the carefully built up defences you have established. Everyone worries about the uber hacker, but the truth is your biggest fear should be that someone who already knows your systems turns rogue.
Of course the ultimate lesson here might be to screen your emplyees carefully, treat them right, and terminate them with dignity.
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