[ Thursday, April 28, 2005 ]


A strong statement on the Uninsured Billing Class Action Suits: a Federal judge in Beaumont, Texas threw out one of the suits (not a Scruggs suit, though) with a strong, strong statement. As stated in Modern Healthcare's daily emails: "A judge dismissed a federal lawsuit over uninsured-patient billing against Christus Health, Dallas, and related organizations, saying, "The plaintiff cannot prevail on any of her claims under any imaginable theory." U.S. District Judge Howell Cobb in Beaumont, Texas, dismissed the lawsuit with prejudice on all counts and criticized a wave of similar suits filed against hospitals and health systems nationwide. "The bleeding must stop," Cobb said in his opinion." Of course, I have high regard for Judge Cobb, based primarily on the well-known quality of his clerks.

Jeff [5:24 PM]

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