[ Wednesday, April 27, 2005 ]


I knew I should've registered my blog name. You don't have to ask too many people to find out that I don't know much about IP issues. And you don't have to ask too many people to find out that I'm pretty cheap. I always thought I ought to register hipaablog.com, but never did, or course, since it would've c0st me something.

Now, I've come to find out, there's someone at www.hipaablog.com. I can't really complain, because I really don't work hard enough at this to feel guilty that someone else wants to swing an axe as well. And ultimately, being known as the smartest guy about HIPAA is sort of like being known as the best proctologist in town (sorry, Dr. Schwartz): it's an honor, sure, but a sort of left-handed one.

Anyhoo, those guys at hipaablog.com, who refer to me as the "other HIPAA blog," do in fact seem to know what they're talking about. In fact, they link back to me and say nice things about me when they do. Of course, I've wandered around their WordPress site and just can't seem to find out how to contact them. And since they've never contacted me, I don't really know who they are or what their story is. I think it's someone named S. Braford, though, based on the posting bylines.

If you're a HIPAAgeek, add another bookmark. And they seem to have that RSS syndication stuff, which means something (I just don't know what).

UPDATE: according to Yahoo, I've got RSS syndication too. And I just thought that tingling sensation was my Spidey-sense.

Jeff [11:50 PM]

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