[ Thursday, April 28, 2005 ]


File under "stupid criminals:" I'm sorta mad I'm just finding out about this, but I was doing a yahoo search to see how many hits I got on "HIPAA" when I misspelled it "HIPPA," and came across this story. Somebody renting a mailbox at a UPS Store in Illinois has been sending out invoices to doctors asking them to pay $19.99 for their "HIPPA Compliance Reports." Send the checks to a PO box in Illinois.

It's a pretty ingenious scam; the amount is so small, and HIPAA is so confusing, you could probably get plenty of folks to send in money. But you can't misspell the name of the law you are supposedly enforcing!!

I'm just mad that Elizabeth Buhmann didn't notify me directly, after all the nice things I've had to say about the Texas Attorney General.

Jeff [12:23 AM]

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