[ Thursday, April 07, 2005 ]


Doing Security, Application by Application: OK, you've got about 2 weeks to finish up your Security stuff and be up, running, active and "live." You're ready, aren't you? You've done your security risk analysis, have your policies and procedures in place, and are constantly monitoring your systems and applications to ensure security, aren't you? Or at least you will in the next 2 weeks, right?

OK, so maybe you're a little more behind on Security than you were on Privacy; after all, there's not a set of documents you have to hand out to patients that you can at least front as being "done," like you could with Privacy.

Either way, you have to review, and keep reviewing, what you're doing to maintain security of your systems, databases, hardware, software, etc. Here's a good checklist, on an application-by-application basis, for checking out your security.

Jeff [10:23 AM]

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