[ Wednesday, April 13, 2005 ]


AHIMA Survey says . . . : The American Health Information Management Association has conducted another survey of privacy officers and similar functionaries to determine the state of HIPAA privacy and security compliance, awareness, and effort. There's plenty of good news: most organizations consider themselves fully compliant with the Privacy Rule, and more than 9 in 10 consider themselves over 85% compliant. Education and training are the biggest trouble spots. Of the areas respondents want the regulations changed, there are few surprises: accounting for disclosures is the biggest (probably because it's being pushed by AHA; most respondents had few or no requests for an accounting so far), followed by personal representative issues (the Schaivo case accounting for some of this attention), business associate issues, and disclosures to law enforcement or pursuant to a subpoena.

The survey also has some good news regarding Security: it was taken some months prior to April, but only 12% of respondents felt they were less than halfway to compliance with the Security Rule.

Jeff [11:10 AM]

The survey was interesting in a number of ways, but for me the key was this:
"The survey asked responders to indentify their "number one" ongoing problem associated with their facility's HIPAA privacy procedure. Education and training was consistantly mentioned as the main concern of the responders across all segments of the hospital and health system population."
In doing some research a few months back for the tech school where I teach (www.capstonecollege.com) we discovered that training programs for many providers were minimal at best, and for many small providers consisted of a short training video and a check list. We have since added a program starting in May to provide outsourced HIPAA training for entry-level through advanced workers, but we were very surprised by how few companies offer this.
Anecdotally, I have noticed how poorly the privacy rule is understood on the "floor" level-- a recent series of hospital visits to a sick relative allowed me to discuss HIPAA with a number of staff members. Their understanding varied widely, with the most consistant question being "why" rather than "what"--- clearly an need for better and more consistant training.
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