[ Wednesday, March 09, 2005 ]


CPOE = Errors? One of the highly-touted benefits of the computerization of healthcare delivery is the use of computers or electronic entry for drug orders and other physician orders for services to their hospitalized patients (sometimes referred to as computerized physician order entry, or CPOE). This makes a lot of sense, since doctors are notorious for bad handwriting, and nurses could easily mistake a dosage or a particular drug order. Also, a computer could prompt a review of orders that didn't seem to make sense or could flag possible medication interactions where multiple physicians are involved. However, according to this article in the Boston Globe, computerized prescription entry can lead to more errors than it cures. In theory, this type of trouble should be a "growing pain" or "teething trouble;" there are always problems when a new system or procedure is put in place, and better software and more universal use of the electronic system will fix these problems.

Jeff [9:42 AM]

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