[ Wednesday, February 16, 2005 ]


Yes, I'm still sick. I was supposed to give a speech to the Dallas Bar Association on HIPAA Security, but my associate Karen Pyatt is going to have to carry that one. I got up this morning with a 101.5 degree temperature, which is pretty much the course for this particular bug that my 4-year-old gave me (I'm about 2 days behind her in its course, so I should be OK tomorrow, but my wife is about 2 days behind me on it). Low grade fever that responds well to ibuprofin and acetominiphin, runny nose, slight chest congestion, and cough. Lasts about 4 days. Yuck.

So I'm working on the home computer, which doesn't have Word on it so I can't do any documents, which leaves me e-mailing, making phone calls, and surfing the net for blogging stuff.

Speaking of off-topic blog stuff, would you believe that this guy is the next Editor in Chief of the Texas Law Review? And he'll be a Jackson Walker summer clerk.

Jeff [10:21 AM]

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