[ Thursday, November 18, 2004 ]


WiFi for the benefit of patients: There are a growing number of commercial locations where wireless internet access, or wifi, is popping up. Restaurants, car repair and tune-up shops, generally places where customers cool their heels for more than a few minutes are good locations for offering wifi as a customer service. The bank lobby in the tunnel concourse of my office building here in Dallas offers it, so if you're eating from one of the food court restaurants, you can surf the net at the same time. Now, according to this article, it's happening in physicians' offices. "'Instead of reading the old People magazine, you can go to People.com or whatever and get your latest gossip,' Alcantar said."

Don't confuse wifi for your waiting room with wifi for your back office, though. Many physician practices are moving to wireless technology for their office networks; if you do so, regardless of whether you offer wifi to your waiting room patients, you must make sure that the network is secure. But you knew that, right?

Jeff [11:33 AM]

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