[ Friday, July 23, 2004 ]


Survey says: Phoenix Health Systems' HIPAAdvisory has published their latest quarterly survey of HIPAA compliance and attitudes, and the picture ain't too rosy.  While almost all payors and most providers are compliant with the HIPAA privacy requirements, a substantial minority (9% of payors, almost a quarter of prividers) still aren't compliant with the Privacy Rule, which has been out in print for over 3 years and been the law of the land for 15 months.  Most providers and payors had a privacy breach within the first half of 2004.  Transaction and Code Sets compliance is at about 50% in almost all measures, indicating industry-wide inconsistency in using what ought to be standardized tools.  Perhaps the transition to slow-pay by CMS will be the lever that starts the avalanche toward more-full TCS operability?

The survey also indicates that Security compliance progress is in slow motion.  I predict some real turmoil in the first 4 months of 2005 as the Security Rule deadline comes looming.  At this point, if you are a HIPAA covered entity, you should be going through the security analysis to determine what steps you will need to take for compliance.  Hopefully, I'll have some specific advice for you shortly.  In the meantime, check out the survey.  Lots of graphics, tons of good info.

Jeff [9:48 AM]

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