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This is a very cool idea: There are many stories about people being hospitalized and friends and family being unable to find out information about their condition and status. You can't just call the hospital anymore and ask how the patient is doing. Family members may be hard to track down, and they may get tired of telling the same tale over and over again.

The wife of a local friend of mine (both are physicians) was severely injured in a car wreck several months ago, and he used blast e-mails to keep everyone posted on her progress. And as a blogger, I know the advantages the internet has to offer when you've got a story to tell; I do a family blog that expands on the concept of the annual Christmas letter (yeah, I know, to a ridiculous degree), and I even set one up for the 40th birthday party of a friend of my wife. But this is a great idea: a web page that serves as a single site to keep family and friends advised of the status of a hospitalized patient. It's password protected so only folks you want to have access can get it; and you can add whatever information you want (status, visiting possibilities, etc.). Plus, rather than the blast e-mail, friends and family can visit the site whenever they want or whenever it is convenient.

Hat tip: HIPAA Wire.

Jeff [10:33 AM]

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