[ Monday, June 07, 2004 ]


HIPAA by design. Early on in the lifespan of HIPAA, there was much discussion among providers about how the new emphasis on privacy would affect the way health care is delivered. As HIPAA knowledge had expanded and the industry has reacted, the bigger issues have been process-related: how do we submit bills, how do we communicate with other providers and patients (and their agents, be they friends/family or attorneys). But at the time, a big concern was whether clinics, hospitals, and other delivery sites would need to re-engineer their delivery system. Would semi-private hospital rooms disappear? What about white boards?

Even though those concerns quickly took a back seat to billing and communication matters, those issues still percolate. As this story indicates, hospital builders and others now take HIPAA into consideration when designing space.

Jeff [9:39 AM]

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