[ Wednesday, April 07, 2004 ]


Not exactly on point, but close enough: HealthLeaders has an excellent article on steps to make any IT project easier and more successful. The article outlines 12 rules that aren't quite common sense but sure seem like good ideas if you're doing a major or minor overhaul of your IT assets.

Some of the points are specific to healthcare IT: "Involve as many clinicians in the selection as possible." And, "Walk away from historic clinical data only as a last resort. Porting historical data into the new system builds confidence and support for the new system and adds to clinical relevance." Also, "Beware of computer geeks wearing stethoscopes." Calling Dr. Toppins?

Some of the points are applicable to any project: "A group or committee does not always make intelligent decisions. Consider 'Group IQ' when constructing a committee. 'Group IQ' can be best calculated as the IQ of the group leader divided by the number of people in the group with double-digit IQs." And, "Establish reasonable, but aggressive dates, and then cast them in concrete. If you don't make a target date sacred, you do not have a goal, and you therefore will never hit it. Be prepared to move the date, but do not telegraph that intent. A little death march never hurt anyone."

Jeff [11:32 AM]

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