[ Monday, March 01, 2004 ]


(Re)Viewed from Above: I got an e-mail from Stanley Nachimson, the spokesman and lead guitarist for HHS's HIPAA admin simp (he replaced the hard-to-spell Bill Braithwaite), pointing out an error in my 1/29 post below about who oversees what at HHS. I said that Privacy and Security were overseen by the Office of Civil Rights, while CMS oversees transactions, code sets and identifiers.

In fact, OCR's only responsibility is for Privacy. I would call them slackers for letting CMS take on all the other responsibilities, but I suspect that the hardest questions and the toughest situations will be in the Privacy realm, rather than in Security or TCS/Identifiers.

It's been a tough week for me. In addition to being wrong on who covers what in HIPAAland, I managed to offend a lot of folks over at the AHLA HIPAA listserv by calling Walt Sowers an ignorant slut. Some people just don't get the joke (it's OK, Walt's a smart cookie and he got it). If you happened to be on the listserv and were offended, I apologize again. And if you were offended by the word "slut" (someone called it a "profanity" even), then do not go the Wonkette site linked in my 2/24 Texas AG post. Fair warning.

Jeff [3:06 PM]

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