[ Thursday, January 22, 2004 ]


New Provider Identifier Rule Coming Tomorrow: As you know, part of the Transactions and Code Sets rules relate to the use of standard identifiers for the various participants in the health care industry. All payors, providers, and recipients of care will get unique identifiers. CMS has sent out notices that tomorrow it will issue its final rule of provider identifiers. That means it'll be final this coming May 23, and you'll have to switch over by May 23, 2005. I'll link it when I get it.

UPDATE: Here's the link, in PDF format.

Another UPDATE: It's dawned on me, after reading a little more on the NPI rules, that it'll actually be FOUR YEARS from this May before providers have to switch over to the new numbers. First, it's two years before the feds have to start implementing the new numbers, then another two years before the providers have to start using them. So, stretch out, relax . . . you've got time.

Jeff [10:45 AM]

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