[ Friday, October 10, 2003 ]


How bad is October 16 non-compliance? According to HHS at a town-hall-style teleconference held yesterday, only 22% of the claims they receive now are in X12 format. That's pretty pathetic.

However, there is some good news. HHS reports that the level of compliance has increased fairly dramatically in the last few weeks and months. If they had not put the contingency plan in place, there's no telling how many people were/are on the cusp of transitioning from old forms (Superbill, UB, or HCFA 1500) to X12 forms, nor is there any telling how many still will make the switch in time or shortly thereafter. However, the fact that 78 percent aren't there as of one week prior to D-Day is, well, pathetic.

Where are you now? Testing? I hope so. Really, you are going to have to migrate to X12. There is no doubt about that. The sooner you are there, the sooner you are done with having to worry about the next change. So, go on. Do it.

Jeff [10:50 AM]

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