[ Thursday, August 21, 2003 ]


Protecting your Modems. With the SoBig virus making its way around the internet now, good advice comes along via e-mail from William Miaoulis of Phoenix Health Systems: check out your modems and make sure they are catalogued, protected, and shut off when not in use. Many systems have more modems hooking into them that the system operators know about, and there are easily-available software programs that allow a potential hacker to find those potential portals and try some common usernames and passwords.

Best advice: find out what modems you have on your system, and account for them all. Prevent any new ones without notifying the Security Officer. And turn them off when not in use. You can also put caller ID on your modems to find out who is calling in, go to a central modem system, go to a VPN system, or take any number of other steps to secure what you've got. You're obligated to do so under the Security Rule, so you might as well start checking it out now.

Jeff [3:35 PM]

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